For Sale! Please contact me for details if interested.
Inspired by rustic beach houses, this Ethan Allen coffee table has been completely restored and customized. The table top's were re-stained white for a beachwood look. The legs are painted with a custom double layered light blue/turquoise and lightly weathered. Finished with a durable environmentally friendly wax. This piece would be perfect in a rustic/farmhouse or boho styled house.
The restoration process was fairly lengthy on this one as I had to disassemble the table for sanding, painting and staining. The edges of the top were so bad that I had to re-edge them, and ended up adding a nice chamfer to the bottom edge for a sleeker profile. I am still learning the best method for applying chalk paint, but am loving it the more I work with it. I definitely achieved a much smoother finish this time around! Then on a whim, I decided to gently weather the paint to add a slight rustic/farmhouse look to it. I am super pleased with how it turned out! 
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