This clunky corporate looking desk, was saved from my apartment dumpster. I was just walking out of the stairwell when my neighbor who was moving was dragging this desk into the elevator. I stared at him, probably a little strange, and he asked me in a perplexed voice, "Do you want this?" He helped me carry it into my apartment and happily left thanking me fore saving him a trip downstairs. I was ecstatic that this thing wasn't going to be tossed in the landfill! It honestly has the smoothest sliding drawers I have ever experienced, and is constructed flawlessly. There were a few dents and blemishes to deal with, and it took a while to decide what kind of style would liven this piece up.
After researching some inspiration in Pinterest, I decided to attempt a bold red and white scheme with an arrow like color blocking accent. I knew the the top had to be painted, as even with an hour of sanding, that stain was not going to go away. I filled the dent on the drawer and decided that needed to be painted as well to cover the fill. This pretty much determined the placement of the color blocking. I then re-used some gold knobs from a previous piece to top off the design.
Halfway into restoring this piece, I broke my pinky finger and started a new job as a project coordinator at Black Hound Design Company. I had to shove this into my closet and come back when I was healed and had the time. I finally was able to finish it last weekend and sold it within three days! Yay! It was incredibly gratifying knowing that even some of the boldest ideas have a market out there. Maybe I will get a little bolderĀ on the next piece?!?
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