This customized refurbished TV stand is perfect for a larger entertainment center. Outfitted with a custom drawer made of high quality maple and matching replaced feet. Wood has been painted with a lovely country grey matte paint and clear protective coat for durability. 
This piece was originally coated in a thick black lacquer and heavily damaged from children's art explorations. I completely stripped away the original finish to the wood so that there would be no bleeding through the paint. All of the nicks and scrapes were filled in and sanded flush. I then added a custom made drawer in the center console area made of factory reclaimed high quality maple. This was my first ever drawer making experience. I definitely have some work to do on creating a perfectly flush inset, but I am very happy that I was able to do all of the math correctly! The feet were also replaced with matching maple. I was so pleased with how this piece turned out and very excited for the couple that purchased it. It will be paired with a complementary painting by Robert Bell 
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